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Little Change to the January 5th Team and Individual Rankings

By Paul Rademacher, 01/06/20, 10:45AM CST


Number 2 and 3 change places in team standings

Little Change happened in the rankings this time from the beginning of December due to a lighter tournament schedule for a lot of teams during finals and the holidays.  Should be some movement coming as we set up for the NWCA Multi-Divisional National Duals which for the first time ever will have 2 divisions for the Women's Wrestling.  The NAIA Teams and the NCAA teams will each compete in their own divisions for this event.  Also a lot of athletes will likely settle into new weight classes as a result of that event.  

Here are the top 5 teams in the team rankings - 
1 - Simon Fraser 114
2 - Jamestown 100
3 - Campbellsville 98
4 - Life 80
5 - Oklahoma City 66
The number 2 and 3 teams traded places from the last rankings.  4 of the top 5 teams will compete in the NWCA Multi-Divisional National Duals this weekend.  


On the Individual Rankings side, there were a few changes to the number 1 ranked wrestlers at different weights.  A few because of injuries, and a few changing weight classes.  The new Number One Ranked wrestlers at each weight are listed below - 
101 - Junette Caldera (Jamestown)
109 -  Emily Shilson (Augsburg)
116 - Jaslynn Gallegos (Presbyterian)
123 - Alexandra Hedrick (Simon Fraser)
130 - Abigail Nette (Campbellsville)
136 - Nicole Depa (Simon Fraser)
143 - Jaqueline Parks (Jamestown)
155 - Miranda Velasquez (Jamestown)
170 - Rachel Watters (Oklahoma City)
191 - Nkechinvere Nwankwo (Oklahoma City)

To see the full Individual Rankings please go to the website below

To see the full Team Rankings please go to the website below

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